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Sophomore President
1. Scarlet Yang
Hello Apaches! My name is Scarlet Yang and Iím running to be your 2017-2018 Sophomore Class Council President! As President, I will work hard to lead Sophomore council and create amazing bonding events for our class. I am familiar with the work that is put into planning these events, thanks to my experience on Freshman Council as Vice President this year. I am truly passionate about helping our community and school. Now that weíre going into our second year of high school, I want to continuing making your experience at AHS enjoyable and smooth as possible! So vote for me, Scarlet Yang, as your Sophomore President! When driving, the red light means stop, but a scarlet light means GO GO GO VOTE FOR ME!
2. Braden Wong
Hello fellow Apaches! My name is Braden Wong, and I'm running to be your Sophomore Class President! As your current Freshman class president, it has been the greatest honor serving you in our first year at Arcadia High School! For me, this year has not only been a blast, but also a great incredible journey through which I have learned, sought, and improved personally as a leader and person. Over my term as President and graduation from the prestigious Boy Scout NYLT leadership program, I have learned that the most crucial characteristic of a leader is not simply planning or bossing people around; rather, it is the ability to unite and bring out the best in everyone solving problems and accomplishing goals. I have worked hard, taking pride in assisting and supporting all ASB functions, clubs and athletics events whenever possible (especially our Ice Skating Bonding Event!), with an enthusiastic cheerful spirit my Boy Scout heritage has instilled within me. For me, this is not merely a reelection, and not about power, fame, nor glory, but an opportunity to continue serving you, the Class of 2020, with honor and satisfaction of a job well done. Thank you so much! ^v^
Sophomore Vice President
1. Grace Hong
Hi my name is Grace Hong, and I'm running to be the Class of 2020 Vice-President. In middle school I was a part of ASB, and I am fully qualified for this position. I hope to be a person who makes positive contributions to our school, and to be someone that can make a difference, letting the students' voices be heard. I am willing to listen to all your thoughts, opinions, ideas, and anything else, and I will do my best to represent our school. Please vote for me, Grace Hong, as Class Vice-President. Thank you!
2. Brandon Luc Hey there! My name is Brandon Luc, and I am running to be your Sophomore Class Vice President! The reason for candidacy is that I want to take part in ASB primarily to help our school thrive as a community. To be able to bring our school closer together is what makes Arcadia High School so special! Although a large population, I believe that each student has a purpose in our microcosm. Therefore, maintaining a solid relationship between every member of our high school is essential. That is what inspires me to join ASB; it links every aspect of our school in order to provide a robust environment for everyone. There are several reasons why I believe I qualify for this position. I am eager to socialize with anyone which makes me easy to approach and befriend! I care profoundly of completing any task. I also understand the importance of the dedication and responsibilities of being a member of our student body. As once a WEB leader, I wish to pursue in being of assistance, no matter the challenge at hand. In short, I am impelled to be of service and to make 2017-2018 a great year for all of us!
3. Elizabeth Yeh
Hi, my name is Elizabeth Yeh, and Iím running for sophomore vice president. I have been a part of student council throughout my elementary and middle school years, so don't worry- I know what I'm doing :) . I would be a great addition to your class council because I am hard-working, dedicated, a great leader, and passionate about helping others. I will do my best to make our sophomore year here at AHS full of fun bonding events and great fundraisers. So, remember, vote for me, Elizabeth Yeh, as your sophomore vice president! Yeh!!
4. Shinjini Das
Hello fellow Apaches! My name is Shinjini Das and I am running to be your Class Vice President :) ASB works to make our experiences at school amazing, and the class council makes sure that everyone is enjoying school and attending the class bonding events. I assure you that I will to my best abilities make our sophomore year an amazing and memorable year. I will be extremely dedicated to my position and ASB, and I will contribute ideas to make this coming year even better than this year! So if you vote for me, I'll make some JINIus ideas, and our year will be amazing:) VOTE SHINJINI FOR VICE PRESIDENT!!!
5. Stephen Dai Since Arcadia High School has provided such an amazing educational and social environment for me and numerous other students, I wish to run for the position of Sophomore Class Council Vice President so that I am able to finally repay this sincere debt to Arcadia. As ASB Vice President , I will fully commit myself to serving the general will of my fellow students. I also have experience serving on ASB as ASB President of Dana Middle School and ASB President of Cedar Bluff Elementary (though I doubt any of you will recognize the latter); however, all of that is in the past. Let us start a new chapter of cooperative student government excellence by voting for me, Stephen Dai, for the position of Sophomore Class Council Vice President!
6. Brenda Vuong
HEY CLASS OF 2020!!! As the first part of this new chapter in our lives comes to end, let's take a moment to look back at all those memories. On the first day of school, we were confused, insecure freshmen. Then, we experienced our first finals week and we all underwent these levels of stress that we didn't even know could be reached. Flash forward a few months later and here we are. We're still stressed, but we're comfortable with this previously "intimidating" environment. I, myself, happen to be so comfortable that I've decided to take the risk and run to be your Sophomore Class Vice President. With my past three years of experience in ASB at Dana Middle School and Camino Grove Elementary School, my leadership, organizational, and time management skills have greatly developed. I am also on the Frosh Girls Volleyball Team, so I know how to work well as a team with the other ASB members to plan some LIT bonding events and fundraisers. It'd be wrong for you to not vote for Brenda Vuong!! Thank you. (":
Sophomore Senator
1. David Ju Hi Class of 2020! My name is David Ju, and Iím running to be your Sophomore Class Senator! Freshman year is almost coming to an end! A year full of confusion, stress, and fun. As the year progressed, I felt more and more connected to our Apache family. We do not just attend the same school, but rather, we are all part of a family. My goal is to make everyone feel like they have a voice in this school and make your sophomore year joyful and exciting. ASB is all about bringing our class closer together. I am responsible, hard-working, outgoing, and will invest all my time into making sure that your sophomore year is amazing and unforgettable! I have leadership experience, having served as ASB president in 8th grade. As Sophomore Class Senator, I promise to do everything in my power to make your sophomore year extraordinary and memorable as a part of the Apache family. Thank you! And remember to JOIN THE CREW AND VOTE FOR JU!
2. Ethan ​Vuong
Hello Class of 2020, I'm Ethan Vuong, your current Freshman Class Senator, and I would like you to vote for me as your Sophomore Class Senator. First off, I would like to congratulate you on making it through your first year of high school! As you may already know, the future years that lie ahead will be a lot tougher than your Freshman year, so I would like to be elected as your Sophomore Class Senator to ensure you that your Sophomore year will run smoothly with the minimum amount of stress possible. Since I have already spent a whole year in the position of Senator, I have gained the experience to make your Sophomore year filled with memories you'll never forget. I promise to continue working hard alongside the president to incorporate numerous events (such as bonding events and lunchtime spirit activities)to spice up your time at AHS. So remember, vote for Ethan Vuong for Sophomore Class Senator!!!
Sophomore Treasurer

1. John Chen
Hello everyone, my name is John Chen, and I am running for the position of Sophomore Class Treasurer next year. I believe that I have the particular skill set for this position. I am in Algebra 2 Honors; however, a candidate should of this position should not be judged by their math skills, but that is not to say that a candidate should have relatively decent math skills. Leadership, I believe, is the fundamental skill that an ASB officer must hold, and I have that component within me. I guess I should start talking about my achievements like many of the other applicants. I received first place in the event of Meteorology in Science Olympiad last year in the Division B championships for Southern California. I have also placed in both middle and high school (this year and last year) in FBLA for a variety of events. Finally, I was the coach of an First Lego League team that was able to go to the LA Championships this year. These achievements are not meant to brag but rather help you voters get a better picture of who I am. Remember vote for me! Thank you.

2. Roshan Kannan
Hello fellow Apaches! My name is Roshan Kannan and I will be running for your Sophomore class Treasurer! For those of you who don't know me, I am that short, cute, Indian kid who likes to talk that you always hear about. For those of you who do know me, you would know that I am that short, cute, Indian kid who likes to talk, but I am also much more beyond that. First off, I am extremely hard-working. When I put my mind to something, I will get it done. I never say I'll do something, and then not do it. Secondly, I am open-minded and I am always up for suggestions. If you have a suggestion to make our great school even better, I will tell the rest of ASB and I will work hard to make it come true. Next, I am extremely experienced in student council. I was in office during all but one term during middle school and elementary school. Most importantly, I have the passion and desire to make Arcadia High School a better place and I truly believe I can. Remember, I'm 5 foot 2 and the right Treasurer for you!

3. Lidia Qaladh
Hello Class of 2020! My name is Lidia Qaladh and I am running for the position of Sophomore Treasurer. This is actually my first time running for an ASB position but I decided on Treasurer because I am interested in being part of the event planning for the Class of 2020 and I want to ensure that our class has enough funds for fun, exciting events! I am capable of being treasurer because I am creative in coming up with fundraiser ideas to raise money for our class. Why should you vote for me when you could vote for the other people running for this position? Well let me tell you a little bit about myself and maybe then you will know why you should vote for me. You should vote for me because Iím honest, especially when it comes to money, I am trustworthy, and great at keeping accurate records of incoming and outgoing money. I also have experience with financial control and budgeting since I am the current treasurer for my youth group meeting at church and keep track of a large sum of money. Make sure to please vote for me, Lidia Qaladh, for Sophomore Class Treasurer.

4. Jaycee Sacdalan
Hello fellow students and staff. I, Jaycee Sacdalan, am running for Sophomore Class Treasurer of this wonderful class of ours. I believe I am well qualified for this job because I am confident in my skills in managing and budgeting money, and I see this job as an opportunity to financially better our already sensational class, as well as to represent you and your needs in meetings. I will not spend a penny of your money without first consulting you, I will do my best to make you money grow, and I will always keep the best interest of the people in mind.
5. Valerie Huang HELLO CLASS OF 2020! My name is Valerie Huang and I am running to be your 2017-2018 Sophomore Class Treasurer! It has truly been an honor to be able to serve as your Freshman Class Treasurer, and it would be an even greater honor if I could continue to serve you next year! Through this yearís planned activities, I have learned the many aspects that go into organizing events. If re-elected, I promise you that I will be extremely dedicated to the position, listen to all of your ideas, and do everything to the best of my abilities to make our school the best that it can be! You can always COUNT on me! So please vote for me, Valerie, and I promise that you wonít make the ďHUANGĒ decision! \\ (ē◡ē) /
Sophomore Secretary
1. Riley Chu Hey Apaches,
To keep it short and simple, if you liked the job Freshman Council did this year, such as the ice skating event and milk tea fundraiser, vote for Riley Chu for Sophomore Class Secretary! I helped plan those events, and I'll make sure to plan more awesome events for the class of 2020! I'm a great note-taker and I'll always strive to do my best. So remember, CHUSE Riley Chu for your Sophomore Class Secretary. Thank you!
2. Sophia Ma Hi, I'm Sophia Ma and I'm going to be running for Class Secretary. To keep it short, I believe that I am a good choice to run for this position because I am responsible, organized, and want to help run our school. If you read this, thank you, and please consider voting for me!
Itís me, Michelle (Sin/Cos), running to be your next class council secretary. I need you. I promise itís no big demand, all Iím asking for is your vote. If you could fulfill my greatest desire (vote for me), Iíd do my best to set this term on fire. Not literally... Iíll pour in all my blood, sweat, and tears, into the work I do for you, my wonderful fellow peers. Just one spring day with the help of a magic faerie (you), is all it takes to make me your next ASB secretary. :)
(That rhymed just in case you missed it)

4. Jenny Namkoong
Hey guys!

This is Jenny Namkoong and I am running to be your Sophomore Secretary! I am so excited for the opportunity to run for this position and am truly hopeful that I am able to serve each one of you next year! Ever since the third grade I have been very passionate about Student Council/ASB, serving a total of six years in the leadership council, three of those years serving as the grade president. There were several skills I learned throughout the years and as a result, you can trust me to be an experienced leader for our school. In addition, I believe I have the qualities that make me a great candidate for Secretary. Not only do I love to take notes, but I am also an accurate & fast typer, a neat writer, and am organized. To add, I am very attentive, meaning that YOU can TRUST ME to take accurate notes for the council. I am very eager to serve all of you and to take part in making your second year at Arcadia High a spectacular one! I trust that you will make the WRITE decision! VOTE Jenny Namkoong for Sophomore Secretary! Join the JENNeration!
5. Tiffany Yeh Hello FRIENDS!!! Itís Tiffany Yeh, running for class secretary! This year, Iíve learned a lot, and Iím ready to represent YOU again if elected as your sophomore secretary! ASB is not only an important component of the school, but also a huge part of my life. I am extremely dedicated to helping my school and peers have a smooth school year. And, donít worry, I have the leadership skills and time required for student council. I canít wait to plan more fundraisers and memorable bonding events for you all. If reelected, I guarantee you a fantastic sophomore year! Iíll work even harder to provide better and grander events. Címon buds, vote for Tiffany YEH as your secretary!! REMEMBER, Tiffany Yeh for secretary!!! YAY! YEH! YAY! ←- (thatís what youíll be saying if Iím elected)
Sophomore Boys' Relations
1. Oscar Peng Dear Fellow Apaches,
Hi, my name is Oscar Peng and I am hoping to be your next Sophomore Boy's Relations for Class of 2020! I believe I am the person for the job since I am respectful, friendly, and responsible as I socialize with my peers. I believe I am fit for the job since I am able to easily connect with the people I meet, and I can often times quickly form new relationships in order to make our school a better place. Some past leadership positions I've had in the past include being the co-president of charities that raise money for natural disasters across the world annually, as well as being involved in volunteer events across Arcadia. If I were to be elected as Class Boy's Relations, I will make sure to get the job done! Vote for OsCAR Peng for Class Boy's Relations. Ka-chow!

2. Filbert Aung
FUN FACT #1: I canít ride a bike. While I canít balance to save my life, I do have great balance in life. My name is Filbert Aung, and I am running for Sophomore Boysí Relation! Being an Apache brings me pride like no other. As cheesy as it sounds, being a student at AHS makes me feel as though I have a second family. Within these last few months, I was able to grow and mature with so many of you. From all the people that I have met, I have been able to learn much about being a student, friend, team player, and leader. As such, I am very qualified to be your Boysí Relation. Having interacted with a diverse population, I understand the needs and desires of a wide variety of students. I strive passionately to give a voice to the sophomores here at AHS and maintain a positive representation for the sophomore class. FUN FACT #2: Hazelnuts are also known as Filberts. Hazelnuts are a main ingredient in Nutella. If you like Nutella, give me a vote! If you donít like it, thatís fine but your vote still matters to me.

3. Warren Oetojo
Why do I want to be a part of ASB? The answer to this question reveals a lot about the candidate. The transition and exposure to high school has opened my mind to new experiences and friends. There is no greater way to be a part of something than be a part of ASB. Not only do you get the chance to interact with new people, you get an opportunity to make your school a better place for everyone. Given the position of Sophomore Boysí Relations, trying my best to achieve designated goal will be top priority. Being an ASB member doesnít only mean helping your school, but it also gives you a new way to see high school and the chance to learn something that canít be paid for. Let me gain these skills as an ASB member in order to give you the high school experience you want by voting Warren Oetojo as Sophomore Boysí Relations.

4. Ethan Hsu
i love you

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5. Dylan Chan Hello fellow Apaches! My name is Dylan Chan and I am running for next years Sophomore Council Boys' Relations. What makes a good Boy's Relations you ask? Well first off, I can relate to many groups around campus which can help me promote events . I am very enthusiastic and willing to do whatever it takes to make ASB great and I am willing to give up hours to do whatever ASB needs me too. I can also take pictures which can be beneficial to the role of Boys' Relations. I been also wanting to do this to follow in my sister's footstep since I plan on being just like her. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Sophomore Girls' Relations

1. Lauren La
Hello fellow Apaches! My name is Lauren La, and I'm running to be your Sophomore Class Girl's Relations! I think I would be right for this position because I am hardworking, dedicated, and responsible. If you vote for me, I will work hard to make sure you all have an amazing year. I will LauRUN the extra mile for you! So please vote for me, b (-:

2. Michelle Dong
Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, he can save Central City in a flash. I, Michelle Dong canít run at Mach 3, but I can run for Sophomore Girlsí Relations. These few months have gone by so fast. I have been able to meet new people and find my footing at AHS. Being able to interact with new people and socialize is a large aspect of high school and that is why Iíll contribute new and creative ideas for our future bonding events. I have had ASB experience from being First Avenueís ASB Treasurer and representative. Looking back at my experience at FA, I have nothing but fond memories; leading me to run for your next Girlsí Relations. In this position, I will voice the ideas of my peers, suggest activities and events that appeal to our distinct class, as well as uphold a positive representation of the sophomore class. If you donít vote for me, Iíll travel back in time and persuade you again. Just kidding of course, only bad things happen when you alter the timeline. Just ask Barry Allen. So please vote for me, Michelle Dong, as your Sophomore Girlsí Relations! Thank you!

3. Olina Chang
Hello, my name is Olina Chang and I will be running for the position of Class Girls' Relations. Some reasons that I would like to run for candidacy include the belief that I can be a help to the sophomore class of 2020 as well as someone who could possibly make a change at the school. If asked, many people would describe me as responsible, caring, and passionate. I, myself, am very outgoing and sociable when faced with any environment. My time management skills are quite surprising due to the fact of balancing both marching and cross country, two of the most time consuming sports on campus, all while maintaining school work. Though I may not have any past experiences with ASB, I believe that this can be a good experience I can learn and benefit from.

4. Rachel Eng
Hi! My name is Rachel Eng and I'm running to be your Sophomore Class Girls' Relations officer. We've only been in high school for one year but what's not to love? We are a very spirited school and our fun class bonding events help us grow closer. I would love to be involved by working with the class council to help contribute ideas that would benefit our class. I would be fit for this role because I am responsible, creative and open-minded. I'm not a shy person and I love meeting new people. If you have any great ideas I will be sure that your voice will be heard. I have two years of past experience of ASB in middle school so I have a good sense of what to expect. I am asking you to vote for me, Rachel Eng, for Sophomore Class Girls' Relations because I want to help you build memories that you can cherish forever.
5. Enoch Zhu Hello, my name is Enoch Zhu and I am running for the position of Class of 2020 Girls Relations. Some traits that qualify me to be in this position is that I love to bond with others and Iím very organized. Knowing that I love to bond, I will make sure that I acknowledge every student in the Class of 2020. Also considering that I am very organized, I can plan many bonding and spirit events. Furthermore, I believe that having a position in ASB means that you should have some leadership skills. During my last year in middle school I had the opportunity to learn many leadership skills in an organization called WEB. But why is a BOY like me running for a girl's position? With almost all my extended family members being girls, I feel that I can understand girls better. I also see them many times a week and listen to their complaints and compliments. With the traits bonding, organization, and leadership, I believe I am the perfect candidate for this position.
6. Allison Tjandra Hey Apaches! My name is Allison Tjandra, and I want to be your 2017-2018 Sophomore Class Girlís Relations! Being Girlsí Relations this year would allow me to improve upon my role and further my contribution to this school, with the experience I had on Freshman Council this year. Iíll strive to take tons more photos, create aesthetic posts (with catchy captions), contribute your ideas for bonding events, and just overall for another smooth and amazing year. So donít forget to vote for me, Allison Tjandra, as your Sophomore Class Girlís Relations! Thank you! :)
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