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Name Candidate Statements
Junior President

1. Joyce Wu
I am determined to do the best I can as your ASB Class President. Please.......

2. Tiffany Zhu
Hello!! I am Tiffany Zhu and Iíll be running to serve & represent you as your Class President again! We are hitting our halfway mark through high school and next year will be our most challenging year yet. My goal is to make all of us feel like we have a voice and a support system in this school; that we're apart of an Apache family. That doesnít just mean that we go to AHS, it means that we're all part of one big family thatíll encourage each other during our toughest times. I see each and every one of you as my family; I care about what happens during your time here. As we approach our most crucial year, my hope is that you all feel supported and acknowledged. I want to make sure that you are able to give and do your best here. As Jr. Class President, I promise to do everything and anything I can to make my family (you guys!!) feel at home.
Junior Vice President

1. Tracy Hou

With less than 3 months of school left, I want to end this school year on a high note, looking back and being proud of the chances and risks I took. So once again, I am taking a chance and running to be your 2017-2018 class vice president. As I have been your vice president these past two years, I have learned a lot through this amazing experience. Throughout the years, Iíve become more and more familiar with how ASB works and I understand the responsibilities that come along with it. The obstacles that I have faced has taught me so many new leadership and teamwork skills that I will be able to apply to next yearís council. I will make sure to try even harder next year to serve and satisfy you because itís YOU guys that matter. So vote for TRACY HOU for your JUNIOR VP! Thank you(:
Junior Senator

1. Alvin Tran
Rewind back to a little less than two years ago - at the beginning of freshman year, I chose to run for ASB. Man, was that a good move. We all have regrets throughout high school and from my long list of regrets, I 100% mean it when I say joining ASB isnít one of them. From my two years of being a part of this council, Iíve gotten more comfortable being me and more comfortable in this school. Iíve gotten stronger and have figured myself just a bit more. Iíve devoted so much of my time, effort, and focus into this organization, which wonít decrease if elected once again. In fact, from my experience, I know Iíll be ready to take on any challenges I may encounter being a part of your Junior Council. Whatever you put upon me, Iíll be ready. Elect me as your senator, Iíll be ready.
Remember my name, Alvin Tran - for Junior Senator.
Junior Treasurer

1. Wallace Fang
My name is Wallace Fang and I believe I should be your class treasurer because I love to count money. I am also very responsible when it comes to bringing materials to business meetings. In addition, I recycle all the time, which makes me highly qualified to lead the school-wide recycling. Finally, the most important quality that I possess is that I TREASURE the school and all my fellow peers, so please vote for Wallace Fang to become your new Class of 2019 Treasurer!

2. Victor Huang
Greetings! My name is Victor Huang, and I am running to be your 2017-2018 junior class treasurer. Having extensive experience with leadership and computations, I am a fitting candidate for treasurer. I am currently an officer in several clubs, giving me the experience necessary to manage important tasks and carry responsibility. As one of the few sophomores taking AP Calculus AB, you can bet that I can count well. I believe that as one of the leading members of this amazing class, I can work with you to improve every aspect of your high school life. Whether it be better social event themes, more fun activities, or allowing pet dragons on campus, I will try my best to make it happen. Our journey of a thousand miles will begin with a single vote. I hope that you will make the right decision and vote Victor Huang. You wonít go wrong!
3. Raya Lee HELLO CLASS OF 2019! I would like to start off by thanking each and every one of you guys for giving me the opportunity to be your Sophomore Class Treasurer this year. This experience has been incredible; I have been able to learn so much and give back to the school in ways I could not if it weren't for ASB. I love every aspect of it, from counting money to planning prom!! I will always put my best effort out to ensure a memorable year for you guys! This year, I'm running again to be YOUR Junior Class Treasurer. I ensure you that ASB will always be my top priority; I will always work to my fullest and do anything to help us succeed. The experience I have gained from being Sophomore Treasurer this year have taught me many things that I could apply to next year to benefit our class. I would love to help us but first, I need your help. You can help by voting RAYA LEE to be your JUNIOR CLASS TREASURER. Thank you for your support! :)
Junior Secretary

1. Tanya Chen
Hello everyone! Iím Tanya and ready to serve another year as your ℅ 2019 Secretary ヾ(^∇^)
WOW, weíre going to be juniors (ಠ_ಠ). When most of us think of junior year, images of pain, tears, and long nights overshadow the thoughts of Prom, being upperclassmen, getting our licenses, and so much more. If not for the academic rigor associated with it, junior year would sound pretty darn sick ヽ(ヅ)ノ. Now, Iím sure many of you have heard the phrase, ďWORK HARD, PLAY HARDĒ before. Letís use that to redefine our junior year. If reelected, I want to make sure that next year isnít just filled with the negative connotation of schoolwork, but with moments filled with so much laughter and happiness that we forget this is supposed to be the most painful year of school. So, hereís to transforming the pain, tears, and long nights intoÖ stomach pains from laughing too hard, tears shed because of joy, and long nights spent with good people ✧٩(ḗ⌄ḗ๑)
Remember, to check Tanya Chen for your ℅ 2019 Secretary if you want a buttkicking junior year. Here's to redefining junior year, together. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و
Junior Boys' Relations
1. Alex Feng Hello! My name is Alex Feng and I am running for Junior Boys' Relations. Since becoming Sophomore Boys' Relations, I have gained a lot of experience on the job, and it truly has been phenomenal. Being in ASB provided me an opportunity to voice my thoughts whether it be regarding bonding events, fundraisers, or spirit activities, and I hope that I may continue to participate in these planning processes. My goal as Junior Boys' Relations would be to take into account my peers' ideas and accommodate them if possible--it is really important to me that people's opinions are taken into account, and if elected, I will attempt to establish an environment where people feel comfortable to voice their thoughts. Ultimately, I hope that I may continue to work in this organization to create wonderful experiences for my peers; high school will be especially tough next year, but hopefully, I can alleviate some stress by helping to organize memorable events.
Junior Girls' Relations

1. Francesca Yao
Hey guys! My name is Francesca Yao and I am running for the position of Class of 2019 Girlsí Relations. As sophomores, we have all read the Shakespearean tragedy Othello (you already know I just finished English homework), from which I learned the importance of trusting in others because if trust is strong, then the relationship will be difficult to break. I want you guys to put your trust in me through my passion for leading, Arcadia, and for us to get more enjoyment out of junior year despite its horrors. I also have excellent communication skills and am a great listener when it comes to anything, which is crucial in order to best represent you and your opinions. My officer position in a club and years of leadership experience in Girl Scouts give me a better understanding of another one of the best traits in a leader: doing it for and with the people. With more social events and other activities, I want to make junior year more about the class of 2019 juniors of Arcadia High School so trust that with the help of your vote, Yao know it can happen.

2. Ysobelle Flores
Hey Pals :-)) My name is Ysobelle Flores and I am running for your Class Girlsí Relations once again. I have had the privilege to be the Class of 2019ís Girlsí Relations for the past two years and I am hoping you will put a check next to Ysobelle Flores once again.
Not only do I have the experience, but I believe I have what it takes. Being elected would give me the chance to show you the qualities I have, such as being responsible, organization, and the ability to easily meet new people by showing you the activities the class council plans for the class.
Even though next year is going to be full of all-nighters, eye bags from the lack of sleep, and regrets/worries, I will try my best to make you forget those worries and capture the moments of when you are having fun with your fellow classmates.
Vote Ysobelle Flores for your Class of 2019 Girlsí Relations and your year is going to be MUCHO LITTO xD :-)) !!†
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