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Name Candidate Statements
Senior President

1. Sarah Lee
Hello, friends! :-) My name is Sarah Lee, and I知 running to be your Senior Class President. Somehow, after all of the craziness of these past three years, we are still here. We have continually stumbled but always managed to find our footing in the end. We have embarrassingly walked into the wrong classroom but always found our way back to where we were meant to be. We have frantically crossed out entire paragraphs during our in-class essays but always found a way to write our stories. Class of 2018, we are still here. We only have one year left, and if I know anything about what our class is like, we池e going to make this one count. As your Senior Class President, I値l be there to help to make it happen, to make every situation a LITuation. From turning up at our last homecoming dance to chalking our future schools on the concrete, we値l take our final journey together. Arcadia will never truly forget us: the class of 2018 is a force to be reckoned with. Vote Sarah Lee for Senior Class President!
Senior Vice President

1. Abraham Niu
Hello Class of 2018!
My name is Abraham Niu and I am running for the office of Senior Class Vice President! We have all forged so many new relationships, made new memories, and accomplished so many crazy things these past three years. With senior year approaching fast, I believe that I will be able to make this last year we have together memorable and exciting till the very end. So vote for me, Abraham Niu, for Senior Class Vice President! I'm so excited for this!!
Let's go out with a BANG!!!!!!
Senior Senator

1. Angela Lui
Hey Apaches, my name is Angela Lui and I'm running to be your Senior Class Senator! I had the privilege of serving as your Junior Class Vice President this past year and I would love the opportunity to make your last year at Arcadia the best one yet. We've made it! These past 3 years have been filled with a lot of stress but also A LOT of fun memories. Senior year will consist of many sleepless nights and bitter sweet moments. It'll be the last year we will be able to bond with our fellow classmates before going our separate ways. And I hope to fill our last year at Arcadia with memories that we will look back on for years. Being on ASB for the past 2 years has provided me with the knowledge and experience on how to execute the tasks given to me both correctly and efficiently. Due to my dedication and organization, if elected as your Senior Class Senator I will try my best to make your last year one to remember! So please vote for me, Angela, to be your Senior Class Senator!:)
Senior Treasurer

1. Stephanie Yen
Hey Apaches! I知 Stephanie Yen, and I知 running for Senior Treasurer. I was honored to be elected as the Sophomore and Junior Treasurer, and I promise to put forth all the skills and knowledge I have gained from being on ASB the past couple years to being the 2017-2018 Senior Treasurer. From organizing fundraisers and counting money to planning spirit activities and school dances, I have learned the importance of ASB, and I would love nothing more than to be a member of this organization for another year. One may think it痴 nearly impossible to balance ASB with my three varsity-level sports, grades and AP classes, volunteering schedule, NHS ASC tutoring, and social life, but I have excellent time management and study skills, I work well under pressure, and I write plans ahead of time. I hope you agree that I have the necessary skills, experience, and drive to be a positive addition to Senior Council, and I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to check the box next to my name, Stephanie Yen, on the ballot next to Senior Treasurer!

2. Preston Nam
Hi fellow Juniors, my name is Preston Nam and as you can see I am running for Senior Class Treasurer. Some may know me as the kid in the drumline, but I assure you I am more than just a drummer. I am a former contestant of Mr. AHS, an Eagle Scout, and a friend to all. This being the first year I have run for an ASB position, I am confident I will be able to perform any task that is needed of me and I hope I can gain the trust from next year's senior class. Class of 2018, next year will be our last year here at AHS, so vote for me so that I can help make next year enjoyable through our struggle to turn in our college apps.

3. Ashley Rios
If elected, my priorities will be: ASB, Jenny, God, and making fun of android users. In that order.
Senior Secretary

1. Vanadium Wang
Hello Apaches! My name is Vanadium Wang and I am running for the position of senior class secretary. My intention for running is that I want to be involved with our school and help do my part by joining the student body. I believe I am qualified for this position because I like to keep things neat and organized. I also plan ahead and make sure I know what assignments and events I am involved in for the next week. I am very meticulous and diligent in my work so one can expect me to put out nothing but my best effort. I have had previous leadership experience through the Boy Scout program as a senior patrol leader and through Scouting I have learned how to adapt to given situations and how to work well with others. If I am elected, my goal is to make sure everyone has a great year with it being our last year at Arcadia High. Thank you for your time and vote Vanadium for senior class secretary!

2. Hanson Truong
Fellow Apaches, my name is Hanson Truong and I am running to be your 2017-2018 Senior Class Secretary. I aspire to give back to and support the student body in appreciation of the endless support all of you have given me. Being someone who is organized, on time, efficient, and effective at communicating with others, I will be an asset to our school should I take candidacy. As a new face in the ASB community, I will not only offer a new perspective that will benefit our student body, but also provide our student body with my utmost dedication and diligence. My leadership, efficiency, loyalty, and care for others is prevalent throughout everything I do. With that said, I hope you allow me the privilege of becoming the next Senior Class Secretary; there is no doubt that I will do everything I can to provide the class of 2018 with a memorable senior year. So vote for me, Hanson Truong, for Senior Class Secretary!
Senior Boys' Relations

1. Ky Nguyen
Ahoy my fellow kawaii Apaches! Two years ago, I ran for my first officer position as Key Club Secretary. With valiant effort I was sure I would win but I lost. Since then I have intellectually flourished, like a sunflower with extra fertilizer. Not only have I gotten better at singing, but I have also gained much experience and have honed the skills of time management, hard-work and passion. Through my three years in high school, I learned that every individual is vital; I want to provide you, Class of 2018, the unforgettable and extraordinary high school experience that you deserve. The last and final school year will be truly meaningful to both you and I. So if elected, I vow that I, Ky Nguyen, WILL listen to what you have to offer and will represent your voice with an open mind. Contrary to what many believe, I am no twelve year old who is running for 吐unsies. Rather I am running to serve my school to the best of my abilities. So vote for Ky Nguyen for Senior Council Boys Relations, and together, our year will be LEGEN, wait for it DARY. Legendary! Thank you Dx.

2. Brandon Georgian
Hi my name is Brandon Georgian and I want to be your next senior boys relations officer. I have a wide variety of skills that will help me in this position including being a natural speaker and a creative thinker. These skills will help me when addressing my fellow officers and attribute when new ideas are needed for coordinating events. I believe that I will make a great senior boys relations officer because of my commitment to ensuring that my fellow classmates have a memorable senior year.
Senior Girls' Relations

1. Qamar Lenon
Hey Class of 2018, it's Qamar! I'm running to be your Girls' Relation Rep for your senior year! A year worth remembering for the rest of our lives! I have a lot of ideas in store for this upcoming year and hope that they will bring many of us together in order create great friendships that'll last a lifetime :)

2. Madison Zordilla
One of the great life lessons I've come to understand is this: connecting with people and placing yourself in social settings can be difficult. However, relationships form and opportunities arrive at the most unexpected of times. Never did I anticipate joining Varsity Soccer would connect me to 20+ girls of all four grade levels. Never did I conceive a classroom setting to be the place where I would meet some of my best friends. Never did I predict my proudest accomplishments would come from spontaneous desires (I joined pole vaulting on Varsity Track because "I wanted to fly"). With almost one year left, there are still many opportunities to seize and many people to meet. Girls' Relations is a position through which these opportunities and connections can be possible. We池e all Apaches, and that in itself unites us all. Through bonding events, spirit activities, or just simple exchanges in the hallways, I hope to make our bond stronger. Vote Madison Zordilla.
3. Vanesse Tan Hey Class of 2018!
I'm Vanesse Tan, your current Junior Girls' Relations! This past year of being on ASB has taught me an abundance about the organization and the responsibilities that come with being a part of it. As the year progressed, I have not only became a better leader, but I have also improved as an individual. The year to come is OUR year, senior year. I want to be YOUR Senior Girls Relations so I can have the opportunity to be a part of a council that will make senior year unforgettable and undeniably remarkable. Without a doubt, serving and helping people is an act that I am passionate about. It brings me true joy to bring a smile to people - to say that I can make a positive difference in the lives of so many. I want to be Senior Girls Relations for you, so please, grant me this chance. Thank you so much Class of 2018!
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