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Name Candidate Statements
ASB President  

1. Daisy Lau
Hello Apaches!! ^__^
Before I get into my campaign statement, I'm going to present some numbers....

1: The number of years left for me to represent you as ASB President.
2: The number of nostrils I have to blow you away.
3: The number of years I've passionately and devotedly represented you on ASB.
4: The number of times I've ran for ASB.

With my experience on and commitment to ASB, you can ensure that I will give my 100% effort and use my voice to benefit you and the school. Elect me, Daisy Lau, as ASB President for a great conclusion to four amazing years of devoted leadership. Thank you! (◠‿◠✿)
ASB Vice President  

1. Jefferson Yin
Hello fabulous Apaches! My name is Jefferson Yin, and I am running to be your ASB Vice President. Having experienced major roles in the Associated Student Body for four years, I am prone to serve a flawless school year with transparency and precision for all my duties. I intend to incorporate my leadership and organization qualities along with my proficient speech skills and open personality to strive for our student body’s everyday needs and education concerns. Serving as your Student Representative to the Board of Education this year, I had the opportunity to not only serve as the prime student representative to our entire district, but I also had the opportunity to shadow and collaborate with the 2016-2017 ASB Vice-President for many of her duties, including the planning of the ASB Transfer of Powers Banquet and the Homecoming 2016 Banquet. Thus, I am very familiar with many of the goals of the Vice-President, and I intend to work to further improve many of my roles for next year, if elected. I hope to serve once more before my chapter conclusion here in Arcadia. Please vote Jefferson Yin for YOUR ASB Vice-President!
ASB Treasurer  
1. Aaron Cho Hello Arcadia APACHES! My name is Aaron Cho and I'm running for next year’s ASB Executive Council Treasurer. The reason why I am running for this position is because accommodating to our school's needs is my priority. It would be an honor to help prepare for the business requirements that this position offers, and do my best to accomplish my work. The reason why you should vote for me to be your treasurer is because calculating is my fortè! This would also be a great opportunity for me to demonstrate my skills and help better our school. I would love to lead the Fundraising Committee and do whatever it takes to get my job done. Don't forget to pick the CHOsen one for next year's ASB Treasurer! :)

2. Shreeya Kakumanu
Hey guys! My name is Shreeya Kakumanu and I am running to be your ASB treasurer. To be honest, living in Arcadia and going to AHS where all my friends from elementary and middle school all end up is pretty amazing. Now I know what you are thinking " Hold up! Where is she going with this?", well I have a backstory that may help. I moved to California at the age of 5 from Massachusetts. I remember being really scared on my first day of school because I didn't know anyone and was scared that I may not get along with others well. As time went by, my teachers and peers helped me adjust to the school by giving me helpful tips and great life lessons which forever I will be grateful for. And, to keep all those friends who helped me transition is beautiful thing. I wish to pay back this kindness by becoming your treasurer and helping this school thrive. I have great communication skills, very organized with my tasks, dedication and most importantly good money management. Thank you for taking your time to read this and Vote for me, Shreeya Kakumanu as your ASB Treasurer.

3. Kelly Liang
HELLO FRIENDS!!! The name's Kelly, Kelly Liang to be exact, and most of you usually would see me constantly running in loops, but this time I am running to be your next ASB Treasurer!!! Why?? You must ask...well as your future 2017-2018 ASB Treasurer I can bring a year full of happiness and sunshines!! That seems highly ambitious now that I typed it, BUT I PROMISE I will do my best to make each individual satisfied with their remaining high school career. I believe I am qualified for this position in ASB because I am responsible, well-organized, capable of prioritizing the needs of each individual, and I am someone who you can count on in situations like this. Since it is going to be my last year at this school, I think it makes "cents" to leave a (mint)mark towards this amazing community and by doing so, I would treasure your vote for me as your future ASB Treasurer!!!!
ASB Secretary  

1. Allyson Tong
Hello friends!! I may be small but my love for you isn’t at all. ♡
My name is Allyson Tong, and I'm running for the position of ASB Secretary. Being on ASB was one of the highlights of my junior year - and we all know highlights are hard to find as juniors if it doesn't come from annotating. Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes, but what are red pens for? I can't promise you that I won't make any more next year, but hey, no one's perfect. What I can promise though, is that I will learn from my mistakes and try to do the best that I can. My experience on ASB this year helped me grow so much as a person and I would love for another opportunity to help YOU grow too. Especially as an incoming senior, I am determined to help make next year THE BEST ONE YET! Let's do this. (✿◠‿◠) Mahalo, my friends, don’t forget to go out there and vote!
ASB Historian  

1. Lauren Soriano
Hey Apaches! My name is Lauren Soriano and I’m running to be you ASB Historian. Seeing that I am an upcoming senior, this is my final opportunity to run for ASB and my final chance to serve this amazing school. I’ve been in ASB since fourth grade (go Longley Way!) and I would love to have this chance to end my years here at Arcadia by continuing to serve you guys, the students. ASB is an organization that serves the student population; my role would be to put your guys’ needs before mine, and I guarantee that as your ASB Historian I will do so to the best of my ability. As the current Junior Council Secretary, I have gotten much exposure to the role of Historian. For my own council, I’ve created video and picture advertisements including Mr. AHS, ABDC, and more. With all my experience as a leader and my experience with photography and cinematography I guarantee that I am the best candidate for the position of Historian. So get ready to “Smile for Soriano!” and vote for me, Lauren Soriano for ASB HiStORIAN(O). Get it? It’s in my name :-). Thanks!
ICC President  

1. Martin Lu
Salutations Apaches! My name is Martin Lu and I am running to be your 2017-2018 ICC President! Clubs are a very important part of Arcadia High School and each and every one of these clubs offers a diverse opportunity for Arcadia High School students to get involved. With my experience as a French Club Officer and members of various clubs, I understand how different clubs are operated and how events, such as Club Day and Spring Preview Day, are structured. In addition, I have experience in ASB as a Prom Committee member in my sophomore year and being a member of SCAC and SSLT/SSC this year. Therefore, when you're asking yourself WHO to vote for, think Martin LU for ICC PRESIDENT! :D

2. Matthew Chen
Throughout my years of attending high school, I have always admired the leaders of our school. This year, I aspire to join them by running for ICC President in our Student Council. I believe I am well qualified for this role due to the sheer amount of clubs I have attended, in addition to my close associations with them. I have shown my development in maturity throughout these two years, and I am ready to embark a whole new responsibility. Though junior year may seem overwhelming, I am well aware of the amount of work that an ICC president will have to undertake, and am willing to provide my full effort to flourish the ambitious clubs of AHS to their full potential. My passion for this school is supported by the fact that I constantly participate in ASB events, activities, and fundraisers. It would be much appreciated if my fellow peers would be willing to support me and put me in consideration as the ICC President of 2017-2018.

3. Kayla Yang
My life last year has been one big question mark. I have written this over and over again, trying to get the words out and to sum it up, I am running for ICC President because of my compassion and ambition to contribute something valuable to AHS. Recently, I’ve found my mission, and I want to empower anyone and everyone that’s reading this. Everyone and every club, no matter how big or small, will have an equal chance. By taking on this responsibility, I can bring a new perspective and a fresh mindset to our school. I have tons of love and motivation to give! To me, this position is about allowing YOU to get your opinions out, and to create a space for everyone. Clubs have provided me the ability to speak my mind and, as cheesy as it sounds, give me a place where I can belong. And to all the incoming seniors: Make your last year worth it. Go out with a bang and vote Kayla Yang! d(⌒ー⌒)

4. Kaitlyn Yoon
Hi! I'm Kaitlyn Yoon and I'm running to be your ICC President. I feel that I am a great candidate because I am very hard-working, organized and friendly. I promise that I will put in all my effort into this position. Please vote for me to be your ICC President! Thank you!
Student Rep. to the Board  

1. Skylar Victorio
Going from a small private school to Arcadia High School absolutely terrified me as a freshman. But, I’ve grown to absolutely love AHS. AHS has helped me achieve goals I never thought I would have achieved. Over the past three years, I've grown to love this school. I genuinely appreciate how much AHS has molded me into the person I am today. Because of my utter gratitude to Arcadia High School, it's time for me to give back what it has done for me. I promise if elected for ASB Representative to the Board, I will do my best to maintain a good relationship with the Board of Education. I will be responsible and do everything I can to be a good representative for Arcadia High. I've volunteered with teachers at Kathy Kredel Nursery School and have taken care of the children there. I've also had experience working at Methodist Hospital with older patients. I am also the leader of the children's choir and the teen youth group at my church. No matter what age, communication has always been a strength of mine. With my experience and skills, I have the potential to be ASB's next Student Representative to the Board.

2. Arizah Saif
YELLOW. Yellow like the sun right when it turns 12:00 PM. Yellow like sunflowers and the bees which surround them in the middle of Spring. Yellow like Beyonce’s dress in Lemonade. Yellow is bold, uplifting, and different. Just like the color yellow, I believe any Arcadia High School leader should be BOLD, UPLIFTING, and DIFFERENT, which is why I am running to be your next Student Representative to the Board. Not only do I attain all of these qualities, but I have obtained plenty of helpful experience. As a Speech & Debate member, my communication skills have grown immensely, an ability necessary to maintain a stable position with the PTSA and Board of Education. Serving as Student Council Apache Commission’s Secretary, I have a sufficient knowledge of how SCAC works to maintain a stable relationship with the White Mountain Apaches, which is good for a prospective SCAC chair. And genuinely, I want to contribute more to my high school and give Arcadia High a BRIGHTER year. Therefore, I humbly ask you—Arcadia High students—to vote for Arizah Saif as your next Student Representative to the Board.

3. Kanchan Kaur
Do you want a change? Has something been bothering you? Well, I KAN CHANge whatever it is you need! Hey wonderful Apaches! My name is Kanchan Kaur and I am currently a sophomore running to be the next Student Representative to the Board. Why me? I am currently a member of SSC and SSLT, so this job would be an easy transition since I understand the required commitment. Being a representative for all of you would mean so much to me and I would really appreciate this opportunity to make next year AMAZING for everyone. I am easy to talk to and I will be a listening ear to anyone who has something to say. Along with being a good listener, I am a very creative person with a lot of ideas to share with the Apache community. Though there is plenty more for me to say, I will quickly wrap this up by saying that a vote for me is a vote for the future, so please give me a chance and I promise not to disappoint! Thank you and remember to vote KANCHAN KAUR for STUDENT REP TO THE BOARD.

4. Nick Huang
YO WHAT'S UP APACHES, my name’s Nick Huang, and this time I’ll be running to be your ASB Student Representative to the Board! As we prepare to begin for our next CRAZY chapter of High School I’m hoping to be on your Executive Council! My freshman year has taught me a lot, from being on the Speech and Debate team, competing in FBLA , to training with the Track Team, I am ready to be one of your ASB officers! As Student Representative to the board, I will be responsible for representing Arcadia High school to AUSD! With YOUR HELP, you can elect me to become your STUDENT REP, so we can lead our school to success! Real change comes with REAL DETERMINATION, and I need you to head on out to those polls and CHOOSE ME! Remember, don’t be wrong, vote NICK HUANG, for STUDENT REPRESENTATIVE!
Activities Commissioner  

1. Jasmine Tung
Hi my fellow apaches! My name is Jasmine Tung and I am running for your 2017-2018 activities commissioner. Throughout high school, being a part of ASB has always been the ultimate goal of mine. As an incoming senior, I hope to graduate knowing I have made an impact on the school. For the past three years here, at Arcadia High School, I have made countless memories that I will cherish forever. Thus, I would love the chance to work behind the scenes to provide the rest of my classmates with opportunities to create even more memories than I have. Not only will I fulfill this position to the best of my ability, but I will also offer new ideas to better our school. I am well aware of the workload that comes with being your activities commissioner and ready to be put to work at any moment!

2. Courtney Chan
Hello fellow Apaches! My name is Courtney Chan and I'm running to be your 2017-2018 Activities Commissioner. Being the Freshman Senator and now the Publicity Commissioner, I am experienced in the procedures of ASB. I hope you will allow me the honor to continue my commitment to this organization and to all of you!
Publicity Commissioner  

1. Sophie Lau
Hey Apaches! My name is Sophie Lau and I’m running to be your 2017-2018 Publicity Commissioner! I am well-suited for this position because I am diligent, outgoing, creative, and organized. With previous leadership experience as a Publicity Chair of SCAC, I have experience organizing and designing advertisements, as well as informing the student body and community about upcoming events. I will do the utmost to spread awareness and excitement concerning events coordinated by ASB. As a fresh face, I will be able to provide unique ideas and a new perspective on ways to improve our school. I love meeting new people and I communicate well with others, ensuring that your ideas and opinions will be heard. I am 100% dedicated in all that I do, so I can confidently say I will make our upcoming school year the best that it can be. So please remember to vote for me, Sophie Lau for Publicity Commissioner! Thank you! :)
Link Crew Commissioner  

1. Melanie Hayashida
HelloHELLOhello!!! My name is Melanie Hayashida and I’m running to be your Link Crew Commissioner! Being in Link Crew this year has made me realize how much I love dedicating my time to helping freshmen get adjusted into high school. I want all freshmen to be able to have the opportunity to kindle new friendships and experience high school to the fullest. As commissioner, I’ll do my best to ensure I set a good example to my peers, freshmen, and school so that each link crew leader can be a high achieving role model and an encouragement to their kids. I would also create a comfortable and welcoming environment where students won’t be afraid to express themselves and meet new people. Because in the end, they are a CREWcial part of the future of Arcadia!

2. Abigail Abdella
Hi Friends!! My name is Abigail Abdella and I’m running to be your next Link Commissioner. I joined Link Crew this year and it has honestly been a wonderful experience. Being in Link Crew has helped me to see how important it is to be a good leader and help people be comfortable in their environment. This is why I want to be your next Link Commissioner, because I want the relationship between ASB and Link Crew to continue to be strong. I feel that I am able to achieve this goal with my leadership skills, communicative skills, and because I am a people person and I want to help those that want help. So VOTE 4 ABIGAIL ABDELLA for YOUR next LINK COMMISSIONER!! Thank You!!

3. Timothy Teng
Hi Apaches! My name is Timothy Teng and I want to be your Link Commissioner. Link Crew is the leadership program at our school that invests in our school's future -- our freshman. Do you remember your freshman year? Was it bad? I want to improve the experience for our upcoming freshman. I believe that I would be the best to serve our future Apaches. I know how tough freshman year is, but through hard work and memes, the next generation will have the tools to succeed.
Academics Commissioner  
1. Derek Li Let’s think direct.

I have had much experience being direct through my 8 years of involvement with ASB. Serving as the incumbent Academics Commissioner, I understand how ASB is run, my duties, and getting it done.

If you know about electricity you might know about direct current. Now, I’ll represent the “direct current” between ASB and academic teams, “powered” by your voices. Current. I am currently a member of three academic teams. This makes me current with academic teams at this school because I understand what goes on needs to be done. During my years as members of these teams, I have heard concerns, and will address them to the best of my ability.

Recognizing direct relationships are essential to any form of academics. Let's consider the direct relationship that the more qualified someone is, the more reason to vote for them. I am extremely qualified through my experience and responsibilities. I will maintain healthy relationships between teams but also to all my peers, because ASB goes beyond the position. It is about the impacts and service that we provide to everyone.

So let's’ think direct. Vote directly for Derek Li, and I’ll direct us in the right direction.
Performing Arts Commissioner  

1. Sydney Pickering
*・゚゚・*:.。..。.:*゚:*:✼✿ Hey Apaches! My name is Sydney and I'm running to be your '17-'18 Performing Arts Commissioner. ASB and dance have always played a large role in my life, and recently I've found that these two activities aren't as different as they seem. There is so much collaboration, teamwork, creativity, and pure passion that goes into choreographing a dance or planning a spirit week. This past term has been such an amazing experience, and I hope next year I'm given the same opportunity intertwine my passions while representing those like me. (°◡°♡) Thanks friends- Sydney Pickering for Performing Arts Commissioner!
Atheletics Commissioner  
1. Eryca Yamane Hello Apaches!! My name is Eryca Yamane and I am running to be your Athletics Commissioner. It has been a honor to serve you this past year, and I would like to thank you, with all that I am, for this opportunity. Here are just a few things I have learned from my position this year: 1. Don't cheer during tennis matches because angry mamas will come yelling, 2. There's no need to scream into microphones because they do project, and apparently my voice is loud enough(?!) already, 3. Cheering as loud and as hard as you can, with all your friends’ voices right alongside yours, is the best stress reliever ever- unless our team is losing... then all evil is unleashed-, 4. School is hard, but supporting and helping every team and all people ALWAYS makes it better, and 5. Arcadia is actually an AMAZING school, and we are very lucky. All in all, thank YOU for an unforgettable year. I promise to continue to grow and improve, and I hope that I have earned your vote. Let's continue to support our teams together!! Here's to an amazing upcoming year!! Thank you! #noapachesdown
Pep Commissioners  

1. Annie Ou & Alexia Barrios

HULLO APACHES (◠﹏◠✿) !! My name is Annie Ou and I am running for your 2017-18 Pep Commissioner with my partner Alexia Barrios. For starters, I am currently in Pep Squad and this will be my 3rd year as a returning member. Being able to be on such a great team for so long and knowing how the system works would come in handy for this position. In most cases, we are already at all games and events and being very familiar with the surrounding makes it even 10x easier to incorporate new things! Not only would it be very fun (ANN LIT) at assemblies and events, but with brand NEW ideas that will help connect with the student body and being able to put OUr spirit in the crowd. LEX bring the next school year to a new beginning with ANN & LEX as your Pep Commissioners! cANN you vote Ann and Lex for Pep Commissioner? YES yOU cANN! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ!! Thank you 💖
Hey Apaches! My name is Alexia Barrios and I am hoping to be your future pep commissioner with my partner Annie Ou! I have had first hand experience working side by side with Mrs. Erickson and the Pep Squad as I was on the cheer team my Freshman year. Many say that high school is the best four years of a person’s life, and I believe that running for Pep Commissioner will help demonstrate that as we will be achieving the best of both worlds with ASB and Pep Squad. With my ecstatic enthusiasm, I feel as though I would be able to contribute more to this position with opportunities and ideas that will potentially make it better than before! Aside from this position potentially contributing to a memorable high school experience, I want to attempt to be the change that you all want to see. As I am about to conclude, I would like to remind you all to make a BARRI good choice and LEX make the new school year OUt of this world with Ann & Alexia as your Pep Commissioners. Thank you! 
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